The living room air conditioner chooses the central air conditioner or the vertical cabinet?

Carefully bought new house, which air conditioner will you choose? The choice of air conditioner is usually determined before the decoration, because the installation of various lines will be involved in the later stage, so for the family that is being decorated, how should the living room air conditioner be selected?

Common types of household air conditioners include wall-mounted air conditioners, vertical air conditioners, and central air conditioners. So what types of air conditioners should you buy for different apartment types? This article provides some installation solutions, you can choose according to your needs.

Small apartment: one-bedroom or two-bedroom, and the living room area is less than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use wall-mounted air conditioners. Wall-mounted air conditioners are hung on the wall, occupying relatively little space, and the number of horses is generally small. It is a cost-effective choice for small living rooms and bedrooms to install wall-mounted air conditioners.

The appearance of this wall-mounted air conditioner is elegant and stylish, with minimalist line design, warm ceramic white panel, soft and pleasing to the eye, with silver decoration, simple and tasteful, easy to control every home style. One-click to start healthy airflow, adjust the air outlet angle, the wind deflector can sag, the warm air flows from the bottom to the top, and the room heats up faster.

Medium type: If the living room area is more than 20 square meters, the bedroom can choose wall-mounted air conditioner, and the living room can choose vertical air conditioner. Compared with the wall-mounted indoor unit, the vertical type is larger in size, the fan design is more reasonable, the air supply is faster, and it feels cooler. The advantages of vertical cabinets are that they are easy to install and cost less, but they occupy more space in the living room.

This air conditioner adopts platinum color matching, exquisite and versatile home furnishing, light luxury gold panel, and automotive technology to create a 3D texture ice-white body, smooth and translucent, fresh and elegant, and renews the home fashion. The air conditioner breaks the traditional single-dimensional air supply, and combines 48 kinds of air supply methods to cool and not blow directly, and to care for sensitive people. The air outlet has 6 air supply modes left and right, and 8 air supply modes up and down. With the guide holes, the air outlet is soft and delicate, and it is more comfortable to refuse direct blowing. aijolighting

This air conditioner can perform self-cleaning of internal and external units, with a dust removal and sterilization rate of up to 99%, the air conditioner is clean, and the air is naturally clean. The energy efficiency value of this machine is as high as 4.71, which is higher than the national first-class energy efficiency standard. Even if it is turned on all day, it will not worry about electricity bills.

Large apartment: For a three-bedroom apartment above 140 square meters, it is recommended to use a central air conditioner, which can be hidden in the ceiling in the living room. Compared with vertical air conditioners, it saves ground space, provides more comfortable and soft air supply, and has beautiful appearance. The advantage of the central air conditioner is that it is hidden in the living room, which is beautiful and comfortable as a whole, and it is easier to use the living room space layout. However, the cost is high and the installation is more complicated, which is suitable for the decoration of the living room ceiling.

Compared with the previous generation, this series of central air conditioners reduces the noise level by 3-5 decibels, with good mute effect, larger air volume, strong cooling and heat, high efficiency and energy saving, and durability. Equipped with Haier’s self-cleaning technology, it can automatically complete the deep cleaning of the internal machine without manual operation. It is easy to operate, and it can also clean the air for you at any time.

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