Picture Light Sconce Battery

picture light sconce battery

If you’re in the market for a new picture light sconce, you can find some great options in a number of brands. These include House of Troy, YAQIIHOME, HONGUT, and Rite Lite. Here are some factors to consider when buying one.

House of Troy

The House of Troy Battery Operated Picture Light is a stylish LED fixture with several finish options and a switch on the wall plate. It is made by House of Troy, a company based in Hyde Park, Vermont. This manufacturer specializes in picture lights and piano lights, and has been in business for 65 years. In that time, it has perfected its craft.

The House of Troy Lighting Collection focuses on quality and design. Each fixture is handmade in Vermont by expert craftsmen. They also manufacture pendants, sconces, desk lamps, and task lighting.


The YAQIIHOME picture light comes with a timer that you can use to set it to illuminate for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It can also be set to light up continuously for ten to forty hours, depending on the brightness setting. The light is adjustable, and it is easy to install and remove.

Its sleek design makes it an excellent addition to your home, whether you are using it to highlight a beautiful photo or to give a room an elegant atmosphere. Powered by three C batteries or two AA batteries, this battery-operated picture light has three brightness settings and a remote control that lets you adjust the light intensity.


The HONGUT picture light sconce battery operates by using a AA battery and comes with a remote control to control its intensity. Its 13-inch bulb emits 180 lumens, which should be more than enough to illuminate most of a portrait. The light can be set at various brightness levels and can light up a gallery for up to 60 hours.

Rite Lite

Rite Lite picture light sconces are perfect for lighting up your favorite pictures, artwork, and diplomas. The battery-operated picture lights come with adjustable light heads and a one-touch On/Off switch. You can also customize the light’s color and dimmer settings.

This picture light has a built-in 4000 mAh rechargeable battery and is ideal for a variety of uses, including illuminating wall art. The picture light uses 48 surface-mounted diode (SMD) LEDs to emit cool white light. Its dimmer control allows you to adjust the light intensity to match the mood and desired illumination.


If you are considering a picture light sconce, you may want to look into the Atrolux battery-powered picture light. This model runs off of a built-in 4000 mAh rechargeable battery and emits 300 lumens of light. Its 48 surface-mounted diode (SMD) LEDs emit cool white light. You can adjust the intensity of the light according to your needs.