Furniture Trends in 2023

furniture trends in 2023

Whether you’re in the mood to freshen up your home for spring or you’re ready to tackle some major redecorating, new furniture can help elevate your space. From accent chairs nestled into cozy bedroom nooks to oversized sofas that make a statement, here are the furniture trends that will be hot in 2023.


For those who prefer a more organic look, curved lines are a popular 2023 furniture trend. From slope-armed couches to rounded coffee tables, this style offers a relaxing break from the more straight and boxy pieces that have been popular in recent years.

This furniture style also works well with nubby fabrics like rattan and cane, boucle’ and sherpa, and light wood or burl wood finishes. In fact, you can expect to see a lot of these curves in the new furniture collections from Made Goods, Abner Henry, Villa & House, and others.

In addition to a soft organic shape, this seating design is also popular for its comfort factor and vintage aesthetics. For example, this Marenco outdoor sofa from Arflex is a revision of a classic Mario Marenco design from 50 years ago and offers a relaxing lounge chair experience with a modern appeal.

Another popular furniture trend of 2023 is multipurpose furnishings, which serve more than one purpose and can be used in a variety of ways. Designed to accommodate a changing lifestyle, these versatile pieces can be repurposed as needed to adapt to your interior design needs over time.

Colorful and patterned furniture also remains in fashion, especially in earthy shades like raspberry blush and fiery red-orange hues. These bold tones are eye-catching and bring a pop of personality to a room.

For a more subdued approach to color, dark brown shades are also on the rise. This furniture color trend gives a more mature, earthy feel to a room, and can work well in the bedroom, living room, or dining area.

In addition to these calming neutrals, deep blues and rich greens are popular in 2023. These colors can be a bold choice for accent furniture or even a whole room, but they’re sure to be more subdued than the vibrant reds and purples that are also on trend this year.

Another trendy design for furniture is marquetry, a decorative technique that uses cut and carved wood to create patterns or pictures. HOMMES Studio is a brand that has been using this ancient art form to create modern furniture, and you can see examples of this in their Kindred collection (pictured above). These heirloom-quality pieces are made by skilled craftspeople in St. Louis and are made from sustainably harvested American hardwoods.

If you’re looking to speed up your interior design process, try Foyr Neo, a cloud-based tool that allows you to create designs with pre-modeled elements. It makes designing furniture styles much faster, and it’s a great way to show clients your ideas quickly. Try a free 14-day trial and get started on your next project with this simple software.