Important Table Lamp Replacement Parts

There are many different types of table lamps available to suit any home decor. Some are tall and skinny, so they won’t take up too much room on a desk or nightstand. Others are a little bit more decorative with patterned or colorful glass shades that add a lot of personality to any room. Regardless of the style, there are a variety of replacement parts to ensure that your lamp is working properly.

A dimmer switch, for instance, allows you to control the amount of light you want to use. Other switch varieties include flip switches, roller switches, and button switches that turn the light on or off. A socket is also important as it houses the light bulb and controls how much light is emitted from the fixture. Finally, a base is crucial to hold the entire lamp upright and stable.

The base is one of the most essential of all lamp parts and comes in a variety of styles and materials. Some are made from brass, cast iron, marble, onyx, and more. The base keeps the lamp steady and upright, so that it doesn’t tip over when people are using it. A switch can be located on the base or on the cord and controls whether or not the light is turned on.

Lamp bulbs are another one of the most important replacement parts and come in a variety of types, including halogen and fluorescent. When choosing a new bulb, you’ll need to know its wattage and lumens (lumens measure brightness). The higher the wattage and lumens, the brighter your lamp will be.

A chimney is an important part of oil lamps because it helps create an updraft to draw the fuel in for combustion. This also cools the metal burner and delivers a more flicker-free flame. You’ll also need to make sure the chimney fits the burner.

If you’re looking to replace the socket in your lamp, it’s best to get a plastic socket that screws on like this one from amazon. They should fit most older bankers lamps, especially if they were made in the 8734 era.

You can find a variety of lamp sockets online, depending on the cap, shell, and threading. Edison-style sockets are standard and found in most lamps, but there are also candelabra, intermediate, French, and Mogul sockets to choose from. There are also several different switch options for these types of lamp sockets, including push, pull, turn knob, and keyless.

Before replacing a lamp switch, you should take note of which screw is the hot lead and which is the common or neutral wire. This can help you identify which end of the cord to plug into the new switch when it’s time to reassemble your lamp. You can also freshen the ends of the wires to prevent them from getting tangled together by using a wire cutter and stripper. If you do this, remember to connect the new wires to the correct screws on the new socket.