Furniture Trends for 2018

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We give a lot of thought to paint colors, kitchen designs, and garden trends—but furniture often isn’t top of mind when it comes to design. Yet, there are some interesting and exciting new silhouettes and materials out there to take advantage of, whether you want to revamp your living room or refresh your bedroom. From curved silhouettes to natural artisan pieces, these furniture trends will help you style your home like never before.

With the pandemic causing people to stay put and focus on their homes, there is a sense of urgency to make them feel as comfortable as possible. This is especially true of the dining room, where a comfortable chair is just as important as a functional table.

The most popular seating designs are embracing curves, with Italian makers like Bontempi Casa, Edra, and Arflex all showing off a range of chairs, sofas, and accent pieces that feature the newest silhouette trend. The rounded shapes are a nice break from the straight lines that have been favored over the past few years. Plus, they look drop-dead gorgeous.

Another popular furniture trend is introducing natural textures into the space, with embellishments like fringe, macrame, and tufting adding a tactile quality to the room. These details also lend a boho-chic vibe to the space, making it more laidback and cozy.

For a more sophisticated touch, metallic accents are back in fashion, with gold seeing more searches than ever before and copper rising up the ranks as well. These softer metals work particularly well with wood furniture, which looks especially rich in these hues.

Brown tones are on the rise, with earthy hues taking center stage in 2018. This is a welcome change from the blanched wood shades of 2017. Darker tones provide a strong grounding presence and balance well with light wood tones and white furniture.

A popular kitchen detail has sprung up on furniture, as well: gallery rails, or brass rails that attach to the front of shelves, have been appearing on everything from open shelving to cabinets. This is a simple but elegant way to add visual interest to a kitchen without compromising storage space.

And if you need more storage, consider a console that doubles as a dresser. Or a desk that has plenty of drawers for storage and a hutch that offers additional shelving. This is a great way to repurpose old furniture and update it with a fresh look. You can even use these designs as a way to upgrade the look of an apartment or condo, where you don’t have much room for large furniture.