How to Hang a Chandelier Above Your Dining Table

chandelier above dining table

If you want to hang a chandelier above your dining table it is important to find the right height. There are a few factors to consider, including the size of the chandelier and the table as well as the height of your ceiling. The right height will help to make the space feel balanced and enhancing, rather than overpowering and heavy.

In general, it is recommended to keep the bottom edge of the chandelier between 30 and 34 inches from the table top. This will allow for people to socialize around the table and move easily without bumping into the fixture. It also allows for room for most decorative centerpieces and helps to avoid glare.

This recommendation is based on an average ceiling height of 8 feet. If you have a lower or higher ceiling, it is still a good idea to follow this guideline. However, you may need to adjust the height slightly based on your space and the specific chandelier.

Chandeliers that are more elaborate can be hung higher and still look proportional to the space. Likewise, simpler chandeliers can be hung lower without feeling overpowered. It is always a good idea to play with the height and see what feels best in your home.

It is also important to remember that a chandelier is not just an illumination source, but it is a design feature as well. The way a chandelier looks aesthetically with the other elements in your dining room is just as important as its function.

For example, a simple chandelier might work better with an industrial style dining table than a traditional chandelier would. This is because the simple silhouette of the fixture can complement the more raw, industrial materials of the table. If you are going with a more modern style, this can be even more true.

Some designers recommend not adjusting for ceiling height when it comes to hanging a chandelier above the dining table. This is a great point to consider when you are looking for the perfect light to hang in your dining room. This is because the overall room size will be more of a determining factor in the height of the chandelier than its size or ceiling height.

If you do decide to disregard ceiling height and go with a different formula, it is important to have a professional install your new fixture. Having someone else do the work will ensure that all of the wires are properly secured and that the fixture is hung in a safe position. In the event that you need to raise your chandelier a little higher or lower, it is very easy to do by simply adjusting the wires or chain. This can be done by shutting off the breaker, trimming the wires, or taking links out of the chain. A shorter rod can also be purchased to shorten the fixture if necessary. Just be sure to consult your electrician before doing this, and always have the breaker turned off first!