How to Choose a Pendant Lamp Over Dining Table

pendant lamp over dining table

The dining table is a focal point of many homes and a nice place for us to come together as a family. But it also often serves other functions like a study desk for the kids, a workplace or a coffee table. That is why it’s important to consider how you want the lighting over your dining table to function. The right lamp not only accentuates the space but can also set the mood for your dining room.

The right lamp can make or break the atmosphere you create for dinner with friends and family. But it isn’t just a matter of size and color – how high the lamp hangs and what kind of lightbulb you choose are important things to consider. So here are some tips from our interior designers on how to choose a pendant lamp over your dining table.

A good rule of thumb is to use the same size as the table, or slightly larger if you have a particularly large table. This ensures that the fixture is not too small or too big for the space and will look balanced. However, if you want to be more creative with your lighting choice, go for a larger or smaller size than the table and play with shapes to make a design statement.

Another important aspect of lighting a dining table is to make sure the light isn’t too bright or it will wash out the colors of your food. You can avoid this by using indirect lighting such as LED spotlights integrated in the ceiling or a pendant lamp that uses an energy efficient warm white bulb to keep the illumination soft.

If you aren’t comfortable with a pendant or a light fixture above your dining table, you can still achieve the same effect by hanging a wall sconce or flush mount lamp to the side of the room. It’s a great way to add a little extra lighting without making the area feel overcrowded.

You can also opt for a rise and fall pendant, which allows you to lower the lamp when you’re having a romantic dinner or raise it during a busy dinner party to prevent people from bumping into each other.

How far should a lamp hang over the dining table?

A general rule of thumb is to hang your light at least 3 feet above the dining table. This will allow you to easily see the faces of everyone seated at the table without having to strain your neck. However, there are some exceptions to this rule depending on the room and view. For example, if you have beautiful architecture or wall art that you want to highlight with your lighting, you may want to hang the light a little higher than this recommendation.