Applying For Jobs As a Furniture Designer

Designing furniture can be a very rewarding job. It requires a perfect blend of art and design as well as craftsmanship. It also allows you to design everyday objects in unique ways that break away from conventional career paths.

A Furniture Designer is a practical artist who designs and creates furniture for both interior and exterior spaces. They use a variety of methods and materials to create their pieces, including traditional methods such as woodworking and modern methods such as computer software.

They often work for themselves or for commercial furniture companies, and their duties change depending on their employment situation. In addition to designing their own pieces, they oversee the manufacturing process and communicate with clients to ensure that their designs meet their expectations.

Some designers specialize in a particular area of furniture design, such as children’s furniture or kitchen furniture. Others may have a background in other fields and are more generalists.

Having experience in the field of furniture design can be important when applying for jobs, especially with a commercial furniture company. This can be accomplished by either working on a furniture design degree course, or by gaining work experience in the field.

It is also possible to become a furniture designer through vocational training, or by taking on a part-time or temporary position at a furniture manufacturer or design firm. This can provide you with hands-on experience and build your portfolio.

The first step in a furniture design project is to develop a basic concept, or idea. This idea is based on the function of the piece and how it will be used by people. It is also important to think about how the piece will fit in with other decor items, and how it will look in a room.

A furniture designer can then begin the creative process by creating a sketch of their idea on paper. Once the sketch is complete, they can then move on to using computer software to bring their ideas to life.

One of the most popular trends in furniture design is modernism. This style seeks to reject the traditional design aesthetic in favor of cleaner, less ornate designs. It grew in popularity during the mid-20th century, and was influenced by architects who embraced new materials made available through technological advances.

Many of the most popular designers during this period include Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Knoll Basset, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Herman Miller and Arne Jacobsen. Architects and furniture designers began using new materials to create furniture in the 1920s, such as plywood and tubular steel.

These new materials allowed furniture designers to create chairs and lounge chairs that were much more comfortable than their predecessors, with molded fiberglass and steel legs rather than a wooden frame. Their clean lines, simplicity and artistic appeal appealed to consumers with more disposable incomes and new suburban homes to furnish.

These modern furniture designers created many iconic designs, such as the Tongue chair and Barcelona chair. Their styles still influence contemporary furniture design today.