How to Choose the Best Outdoor Green Plants

Today, I will share with you how to choose the best outdoor green plants, let’s take a look together~

Choose green plants according to climatic conditions

Top-level landscape designed by Janice Parker, founder of landscape design firm Janice Parker Landscape Architects.

When laying out a roof deck, Parker recommends picking plants that grow in coastal areas and are exposed to extreme weather conditions for many years, such as small-leafed plants that are not prone to tearing or dehydration in storms. Feather grass, Russian sage, butterfly bushes and even roses work well.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Green Plants

Spiraea is also an ideal choice. There are many varieties of this small flowering shrub with petals in a variety of colors including pink and white.

They won’t grow haphazardly if you feed and trim them carefully. “To create a colorful four-season garden, you can grow vibrant yellow-green sweet potato vines and golden-leaf sweet potatoes,” says Parker. “

In the right temperature and watering conditions, the vines will drop like a waterfall, and the vibrant The momentum seems to be taking over the whole city.”

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Green Plants

For tall evergreens, Parker’s top pick is juniper. “Junius has a beautiful dark green appearance and a strong trunk structure that can withstand extreme weather,” she says. She also recommends planting saffron, Japanese maple, river birch or weeping cherries to keep the garden alive all year round.

Because strong winds can cause leaf breakage and dehydration, Parker recommends installing a sturdy protective wall around your patio to protect delicate evergreens and flowering plants.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Green Plants

For pots, Parker recommends choosing materials that work with natural materials and plants, such as corten steel, concrete, lightweight fiberglass and metallic zinc.

She cautions that all pots should have drainage holes in the bottom and a layer of drainage material, such as gravel or crushed stone up to an inch or two thick.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Green Plants

At the same time, make sure all pots are at a certain distance from the patio floor to ensure that the bottoms of the pots are dry.

“This will effectively avoid roof damage caused by standing water, and patio gutters should be kept clean and free of debris at all times,” she said.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Green Plants

The private rooftop swimming pool allows owners to be in harmony with nature without leaving home.

Rooftop gardens are sustainable outdoor landscaping solutions.

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